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The power of Silence

Actualizado: 8 jun 2021

Picture: Levi Xu

BohoPoh “Bohemian Flow” - Natural and Sustainable Fashion

We have deliberately let time pass. Some of you might think that it has been too long since we published the first Blog. Maybe so, but on the other hand, I feel it has just been the time needed. Why? Well, because to the winter months we have had to add not only its darkness and its cold, but also the effects, at times painful, of the pandemic and I felt that this combination was perfect to do an exercise in introspection. So !, I got inside, meditated, thought and breathed, so that when the days became longer and the trees began to sprout, I could share with you reflections, ideas and renewed energy.

I don't know if it has ever happened to you, but knowing silence from within can be a time bomb. I invite you to close your eyes and connect with your heartbeat, stay in that space and enjoy who you are and do it with a lot of love. When you open your eyes, the colours will be more intense, the sensations stronger and the love for you more authentic.


Today, March 14, 2021, it is been a year since the first state of alarm was decreed in Spain and we had to stay at home, a year since we began to change our habits, a year since we stopped being what we were.

How much suffering will we be able to bear? How many hugs will we be able to not give? And how many jobs will we be able to lose?

BohoPoh was born a few months before the pandemic, it did it with great strength and enthusiasm, we knew that we would have to work hard to make the project go ahead, but we never imagined that we would have to fight against the effects of an unknown pandemic, it was just not part of the SWOT, and here we are!

We have asked ourselves many questions ... should we talk about the pandemic? but everybody is talking about it! there is too much confusing information, and we do not know much. What if we let everything flow without worrying too much? Do you think things will return to their place? Do you think businesses with soul will continue to accompany us after the pandemic? What will cities be like after all this? Will we manage to regularise and improve our existence and that of the planet? We decided to continue and borrowed the slogan created by the British government during World War II, and we invite you to "Keep Calm and Carry On"...

Thank you very much for reading and sharing us

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#sostenibilidad#kilometrocero#zerowaste#fashionwithsoul#sustainablefashion Por suerte tenemos muchas maneras de contribuir positivamente, o de, por lo menos, reducir el impacto negativo que generamos

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